The Beginning

Last Tuesday I was sacked. Today I got a job.

So this is it. My time Drifting Through Unemployment has ended. And as it turns out, I really don’t want to stop writing for the blog I couldn’t wait to give up. But I must. It’s time for another person of the 2.5 million unemployed people to take the baton.

And I really recommend it. Running a blog that I post to regularly to has won me both my internship and this job, as well as opening many other doors. Not only that, but it has reinvigorated (great word) my passion for writing, and has helped me express myself in a way that I couldn’t around the ones I love.

Keeping this blog has also helped me raise awareness to some of the issues surrounding unemployment, especially the rights of interns. Without this blog I would never have found the amazing How To Be Jobless and subsequently found the video regarding my rights.

I have learnt so much in the last few months, which really has been invaluable to my employability and my sanity!

I have learnt to:

  1. Take Risks – if you’re not having any luck with CVs, be the wildcard option. At least it gets you into the interview room where you can really impress!
  2. Be Honest – by confronting myself, others etc. I have learnt how to move forward and progress, which was so important for getting myself out of the jobless rut!
  3. Be Myself – I have stopped worrying about how great everyone else is and what I couldn’t do. As a result, I believe in myself. Be yourself in covering letters and let the employer see you, not what the shitty Careers Advisers try to make you become.

Thank you so much to all of my followers, who have supported me and offered advice every step of the way. I wish all of you every success in finding a job. Please stay in touch with me on Twitter!

Just because I have a job now doesn’t mean I will fall off the edge of the blogosphere! You can keep up with me at (new post coming Friday!)

Thank you all so much.

(Who’d have known getting a job could be such a sad occasion?!)


2 responses

  1. Good advice and words to be treasured for everyone in a job or out of a job, working or not, in the end it all works out and it doesn’t because in the end it is the end so enjoy and celebrate each and every moment while ya can x

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