Back To The Day Job…

My internship is drawing to a close, and somehow I have mustered up the strength to start applying for jobs again.

I have been putting off applying for jobs for ages, living in a blissful dreamworld that helps me forget I’m not actually employed. For a while, I forgot about how I was feeling and what it was like to look for jobs, and it was amazing.

But it didn’t take long for those feelings to come back.

I sat in front of my computer, CV open for the first time since August, and I just stared at it. I have to change my personal bio again. Stomach churns. I have to add work experience and skills. Stomach Churns. I have to painstakingly rewrite my whole covering letter. Stomach churns. All the angst, the frustration came flooding back to me and I shut the laptop.

Yet finally, today, I did it. I started browsing for jobs, looking for ones in social media, that are similar to my internship. I found one I really liked the look of, £35,000 a year(!!!), I actually understood the job description (always helps) and for the first time ever I thought ‘I could do that!‘.

I opened my CV and rewrote my covering letter and CV in no time. I even enjoyed writing them. And while my new covering letters aren’t quite as hilarious as my last ones, they definitely show a bit of personality. It makes such a difference looking for jobs that you actually believe you could do, rather than just hoping your skills match up to the candidate requirements in the advert!

Lets see how long this new-found confidence lasts!


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    • I was having no luck with my old CV and I was bored of writing it! So I decided I may as well try and be the wild card option and make the employer enjoy it! It got me my internship and defo made me stand out! If all else fails, take a risk!

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