The Beginning

Last Tuesday I was sacked. Today I got a job.

So this is it. My time Drifting Through Unemployment has ended. And as it turns out, I really don’t want to stop writing for the blog I couldn’t wait to give up. But I must. It’s time for another person of the 2.5 million unemployed people to take the baton.

And I really recommend it. Running a blog that I post to regularly to has won me both my internship and this job, as well as opening many other doors. Not only that, but it has reinvigorated (great word) my passion for writing, and has helped me express myself in a way that I couldn’t around the ones I love.

Keeping this blog has also helped me raise awareness to some of the issues surrounding unemployment, especially the rights of interns. Without this blog I would never have found the amazing How To Be Jobless and subsequently found the video regarding my rights.

I have learnt so much in the last few months, which really has been invaluable to my employability and my sanity!

I have learnt to:

  1. Take Risks – if you’re not having any luck with CVs, be the wildcard option. At least it gets you into the interview room where you can really impress!
  2. Be Honest – by confronting myself, others etc. I have learnt how to move forward and progress, which was so important for getting myself out of the jobless rut!
  3. Be Myself – I have stopped worrying about how great everyone else is and what I couldn’t do. As a result, I believe in myself. Be yourself in covering letters and let the employer see you, not what the shitty Careers Advisers try to make you become.

Thank you so much to all of my followers, who have supported me and offered advice every step of the way. I wish all of you every success in finding a job. Please stay in touch with me on Twitter!

Just because I have a job now doesn’t mean I will fall off the edge of the blogosphere! You can keep up with me at (new post coming Friday!)

Thank you all so much.

(Who’d have known getting a job could be such a sad occasion?!)


The Blog I Couldn’t Wait To Give Up

So I have finally realised the importance of the blog I couldn’t wait to give up. Being able to speak freely online is greatly important when discussing unemployment and internships. It brings information to people that may not be widely known or spoken about.

I have found in the last few days that this medium of communication is especially important when talking about internships. It is a little known fact that the word ‘internship’ has no place in UK law, and legally is not a justification of cheap labour.

There are very few circumstances wherein an employer can justify not paying the minimum wage, and these reasons are; if it is as part of a school work experience, as part of a further or higher education course, if you are working for a charity, or if you are merely shadowing (observing) a full time employee.

In addition, despite what it says in any contract, or what your employer tells you, you are entitled to minimum wage if you carry out work for the company.

I found all this information out thanks to a video posted by How To Be Jobless (see my last post). Had this not have been made available, I would not have known my rights as an intern.

The reason some employers continue to get away with this behaviour is because they target the vulnerable: people who live alone, people who need money, need experience, need jobs. People like us.

I am very fortunate that I have fantastic parents who are willing to put up with me, who will look after me until I can get on my feet. Therefore I had to stand up and say something. I could no longer work somewhere that dismissed the law as opinion, and who continued to use vulnerable people.

If you feel you have a claim, you can complain to HMRC in the telephone number at the end of this page. You can claim anonymously, with partial anonymity (where your employer doesn’t know who you are but HMRC do) or with your identity. They can deal with claims from any unpaid employment you may have had in the last 6 years(!!).This problem is not just a problem for me, but across the country, and HMRC are cracking down on it.

This is not only damaging to ourselves, but it is disadvantaging the majority honest businesses who pay for all their employees. Please do not accept this kind treatment. We deserve more.

Internship Rights Are Well Concealed But Do Exist

This video is a short documentary for any one who is unemployed and thinking of carrying out an internship.

As an intern myself, I did not know what rights I had, and so this video has proved very interesting.

If you are completing proper work in your job, you are entitled to at least the minimum wage. Apparently, 100% of interns who have taken their employer to court have won their case.

For a legal definition of an Internship in the UK, see here

Back To The Day Job…

My internship is drawing to a close, and somehow I have mustered up the strength to start applying for jobs again.

I have been putting off applying for jobs for ages, living in a blissful dreamworld that helps me forget I’m not actually employed. For a while, I forgot about how I was feeling and what it was like to look for jobs, and it was amazing.

But it didn’t take long for those feelings to come back.

I sat in front of my computer, CV open for the first time since August, and I just stared at it. I have to change my personal bio again. Stomach churns. I have to add work experience and skills. Stomach Churns. I have to painstakingly rewrite my whole covering letter. Stomach churns. All the angst, the frustration came flooding back to me and I shut the laptop.

Yet finally, today, I did it. I started browsing for jobs, looking for ones in social media, that are similar to my internship. I found one I really liked the look of, £35,000 a year(!!!), I actually understood the job description (always helps) and for the first time ever I thought ‘I could do that!‘.

I opened my CV and rewrote my covering letter and CV in no time. I even enjoyed writing them. And while my new covering letters aren’t quite as hilarious as my last ones, they definitely show a bit of personality. It makes such a difference looking for jobs that you actually believe you could do, rather than just hoping your skills match up to the candidate requirements in the advert!

Lets see how long this new-found confidence lasts!