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You know, it’s funny being an intern. You’re sort of in employment limbo. You’re not being paid, and the only reason you’re there (honestly) is for that all important reference at the end of your term. You have no affiliations with the company itself, because you know that it is only a very temporary position. Being an intern, you see everything from the outside.

And it’s sad, some of the things you see. Times are hard and as we all know, jobs are hard to come by. People are working extra hard, not because they’re well paid, but because they fear that they’ll lose their job. People seem driven by that fear more than by money.

Unfortunately, some employers have caught on to this. They know you’re completely replaceable, and as a result, they have little or no respect for you. They expect you to go to the moon and back for them, and don’t even offer a thank you in return. It makes me sick.

I’d like to refer the said employers to my favourite of Aesop’s Fables, The Wind and the Sun. Moral of the Story? You are more likely to get someone to do a better job when you treat them well, rather than by force. The carrot is more effective than the stick.

I know, that as employees, we feel pressured and stressed to keep performing. But please, have some respect for yourselves. Yes, you may be completely replaceable, but that doesn’t mean you are not contributing, and your employer should be thankful. If you hadn’t done that work today, completed that task, bagged that sale, who would have?

Stand up and be proud of your work, no matter how menial it is. They could not have done it without YOU.


Finding Myself

As much as I’m unsure about the placement itself, I have to say I am really enjoying the work.

When I was job hunting, I was trying to avoid applying for ones that relied on me having to constantly produce writing to a high quality. Usually when I think something’s rubbish, I delete it all and start again. I do this most when I’m feeling pressured to write something really good (bad habit I know). I thought that the pressure I would put myself under would mean I would never hit deadlines, and never get anything done.

However, I am actually really enjoying it. I do not put myself under any unnecessary stress like I did at uni, I just write. Each week I have to write three scripts for the Gaming, K-Pop and Unsigned shows, as well as writing the office review on our blog. It’s really good fun. It’s especially good when you think of a great cheesy line to put at the end of a story.

Although I haven’t been taught anything about the job that I’m doing, I feel that I have learnt a lot about myself. I’ve found that I really enjoying writing, and that I’m pretty good at it too, and shouldn’t put myself down so often. It has been great experience in the way that I now have an idea of what I could look for in the future, and what I want to do.

I would definitely recommend doing a placement if you need experience or are not really sure what you want to be when you grow up (just make sure you won’t be relying on it for money!). It’s been a great experience for me.