All Work And No Play Makes Tash A Dull Girl

In the last 6 weeks, I have had 4 days off. (Bloody hell I can’t believe I’ve been an intern for so long!)

The reason I have been doing so much work is because while this job doesn’t pay, I’ve had to complete my summer job at Lord’s because after September there won’t really be much work. So I’ve had to earn enough money that I can make last until I get another paid job.

Which means I’ve had to sacrifice my spare time. My boyfriend came down to see me on the 1st of September and stayed until he went back to Uni on Tuesday (he’s from Liverpool, and I’m from London). In the whole three weeks he was here, I had one day off. And I was so tired on that day, we just sat in bed and watched films.

I feel so bad on him being my house without me for three weeks, like I’m letting him down. He came all the way down to spend time with me and only caught glimpses of me in the evening. I am so lucky he has the patience to stay, because I know so many people wouldn’t.

The amount of work I’ve been doing has also made me feel so unwell, and on Wednesday I had to have the day off because of it. My body was just so run down, and aching in every place and I just could not face sitting on the tube for over an hour. Having Wednesday off gave me just enough strength to get through to the weekend, which has been amazing.

Luckily, now the cricket season is over, I have regained my weekends! I only have like 5 dates lined up over the next 2 months, which will be a lot more civilised. Now what on earth do people do with this thing called ‘time off’?


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