I Got The Internship!!!

I have bagged myself a three month internship as a Social Media Intern at a new online music channel where you can watch gigs live and on demand. The company are very new and are only officially in their second week! So it’s really exciting to be a part of it!

I originally applied for the Research and Script Writing internship, but when they found out about my blog and my pretty successful twitter account, and plus the fact that I my love for unsigned music acts, they asked if i’d be interested if I’d be interested in the social media side of things. Yes, yes, yes!!

I wasn’t too nervous going in, because I was so happy I’d actually been given an interview that I’d already felt like I’d got the job (haha). The interview itself was just like a chat, a chance for me to find out about the company and the project, and a chance for them to find out about me. So although I wasn’t nervous, it wasn’t anything to worry about anyway!

From what I understand, this company is full of opportunity, and there are loads of interns working there.

What a week! All this because I got sick of writing overly professional letters, took a risk and had some fun. If I could give any advice, I would say just be yourself in your cover letter. As long as you say why you’d like the job and keep on topic (don’t ramble about how your nan’s dog is on its last legs, how it’s such a shame and you’ll miss it loads) then why not put some personality into it?

My blog isn’t over yet! I’m going to keep blogging about my internship and keep you all up to date about what’s going on, how overworked but desperately poor I am, and maybe if I know of any vacancies!

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