Breaking the Rules

Over the last couple of days I went on an absolute application binge, spending hours writing letters, adapting my CV and trawling through pages of job vacancies.

For the last 8 months I have been applying for jobs and internships, and haven’t even been offered an interview. I worry about my CV and cover letter, because obviously they’re not doing very well. I think to myself, ‘I’m a writer, I should be good at this’. The best I’ve done so far is to get job rejections, which at the moment, is as exciting as it gets. Getting a rejection means that these CVs may actually be getting somewhere….

Well yesterday I spent all day writing these depressingly professional letters ‘Dear Sirs, I am interested….’ blah blah blah. Boring boring boring.

I decided enough was enough. I’m bored of writing these dull letters, and I bet the employers are bored of reading them. So why not make them fun? Its a risk, but being professional has got me nowhere so far, has it? I reckon that I might as well try and go for the employers’ wildcard choice, just to make myself noticed.

So I started writing fun letters. Here’s an extract from one of them…

‘For me personally, this job will give me the opportunity to do something with my life other than sit around in my pyjamas. Unemployment is boring down here and I am still in that naïve stage in life where going to work sounds exciting’.

Who knows if it will work? But I hope I will at least get noticed, which is more than has happened so far.

4 responses

  1. Good stuff I definitely think with the high competition that you need to take risks to get noticed. I took a risk in my last job interview and they remembered me and offered me a job.

    Hope it works for you 🙂


    • Exactly what I thought. Plus it’s more enjoyable to have some fun with it.
      My auntie had a friend who applied for a job in which the requirements were to ‘have a sense of humour’. He turned up to the interview dressed as a bear. Had to take the head off to speak. He got the job.

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