What Hope Do I Have?

My auntie has worked for a neurological charity for many years being the only paid employee in her region. But a couple of years ago it was announced that the charity (which I’d love to name but can’t for legal purposes at the moment) was low on funds and therefore unable to continue her employment for much longer. So my auntie started her search for a new job and has filled out many job applications and been to several interviews since. However, she has been unable to find a new job to date.

Today, my auntie received her redundancy notice. For the first time in her life, she will be out of work.

However, being such an important part of the charity, she has a fantastic wealth of experience and knowledge that could propel her into any job. It is experience I can only wish I had. To back this up, she has two degrees and another 15 years of work experience. How could anybody not want to employ her?

If she can’t find a job, how can I expect to? I have no relevant work experience, the career I’m applying for is notoriously difficult to get into, and like I spoke about in yesterday’s blog post, no employers want to take the risk nowadays. And my auntie has been looking for two years, how long will it take me?!

I wish my auntie, and her charity, all the best in the future. Mine currently resembles a deep, dark abyss.

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  1. Your blog post has moved me, even though we are strangers. It’s hard to read about these clouds gathered over you at present. Many other people are dealing with the same, including a close relation of mine. What difficult times these are! i want to reach out and hug you, if it would do any good. In lieu of that I can only sincerely say; hang on in there! Because tribulations are just a part of life. When you’re being tested in some irksome / mysterious / pain-in-the ass way, look to someone who inspires you. There’s no shortage of people whove encountered long times of trouble and emerged full of character and better for it. Look to the ones who have overcome the world in minor or major ways. It works for me. Best of luck.

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