I may be unemployed but I’m not desperate…

Today I was browsing Twitter looking for other unemployment bloggers (anybody know any?) and saw a job ad for a junior researcher on the Jeremy Kyle Show. This is a job I would probably be well suited to, as it is pretty much all my degree has trained me to do. I fit the person specification, I’d be good at it and it would probably open up a good career in the media. Why shouldn’t I apply?

Well, to be frank, I have standards. Personally, I believe Jeremy Kyle to be the most odious, condescending man, using the problems of disadvantaged individuals to fuel class discrimination. So I would never dream of promoting his values. But is that wrong? In today’s society, where jobs are so hard to come by, should I put my moral beliefs aside? (I’m pretty sure the Job Centre would say so.)

The problem is, the minute you say ‘I won’t do that!’, people assume you’re either work shy or a snob. I makes me feel so guilty, especially when the Daily Mail Wankers start moaning ‘we don’t pay taxes so you can have a moral code‘.

Then again, shouldn’t I strive to do a job that I love? I would probably work harder and better if I enjoyed what I was doing, and I wouldn’t be stuck in that depressing rut that most 30-40 year olds find themselves in 10 years down the line. Can you hear the Daily Mail Wankers calling again? ‘Great, we pay our taxes so you can have an easy lifestyle…

Maybe I should apply for it, it’s not like I’ll get it anyway…

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  1. Try unemployedhack.wordpress.com – an occasionally unemployed journalist. When I could not get a job I left the country and did VSO.

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