‘It will look good on your CV’

Since being a teenager, I have always taken every opportunity by the scruff of the neck and shaken it until I have got every benefit out of it. I have volunteered – coaching rugby to kids for three years, I have captained rugby teams, I have won awards for loads of stuff, had various part time jobs since i was 14 etc… And every time people have said; ‘that’ll look good on your CV’.
Well obviously it doesn’t.
I want to go into publishing ideally, maybe even something like copywriting or advertising, which are notoriously hard to get into. All these skills I have built up are just expected of any candidate nowadays. It seems that you must have job specific experience to be in with any chance of getting the job you want.
In all the job rejections I get, they always say – “you have a great CV, but there are other candidates with more experience” (erm you said in the job spec that experience wasn’t necessary!!!)
So how can I get a experience even if no one will give me a chance? WORK FOR FREE (or slave labour as the rest of us know it). And even then you only get it by chance (or if you know somebody at the company). And wouldn’t that be another thing that looks great on my CV…

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    • I would love to work for myself but I have no industry experience yet. I’d like to see how it works first before I can find my niche – my USP – that would allow me to work for myself.

      • Have you ever tried volunteering to work free at any organization that you would prefer to be employed at. That way you’ll have experience and too you can show off any skills you have.

      • Of course! But it’s very hard to get and also the company has to have insurance to do it so usually it’s just the big companies that can offer it. So there’s not many placements available!

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