Ok so I haven’t been completely honest. I have a summer job that’s getting me through until September. When that time comes though, I will be completely unemployed (unless somebody hires me by then…) so I haven’t lied, I’ve just pre-empted the truth.
Anyway, my summer job is at Lord’s Cricket Ground, working as a steward. I’ve had it since 2010, and done it every summer when home from uni. It gets me by. Mostly it just involves taking tickets and assuring the members that no, they are not gods among men and yes, they do have to queue.
The best thing about Lord’s is thats its full of interesting people; both staff and customers. I have met loads of celebrities and cricketers; Mick Jagger, Russell Crowe, Stephen Fry, Stuart Broad… (If you follow me on twitter you will probably be inundated with tweets about who I’ve met most recently!). But I have to say one of the most interesting people I met is a guy called Peter (the namesake of this post). I met him last summer as we sat outside work under a tree doing boring road closure. He’s 30 (ish) and spends his summers working in multiple part time jobs, saving his money so in the winter he can live in Brazil.
He has amazing stories, because, while doing all these part time jobs, he has met many people and done some crazy things. He was an extra in some film about Ancient Greece, lived in Crete for 3 weeks, and was paid loads of money for standing in a massive blue suit. He worked at a charity making calls and spent his time working out ways to fit random words into serious phone conversations.
My favourite story of his is when he was in Brazil. He and his friend turned up in Rio (?) planning to stay with his friend’s auntie. They were nearing the end of their trip and had hardly any money left. They were counting on staying at his aunt’s. As it turned out, she never turned up.
Peter and his friend searched all over Rio and couldn’t afford to stay in any of the hotels the taxi driver took them to. Finally, the taxi driver took them to a place where the rooms were offered at an hourly rate. Peter was skeptical but spoke to the owners who gave them a great deal for their two week stay.
Exhausted, Peter and his friend went up to their room. Inside, they noticed the decor was quite unusual. A large circular bed, a mirror above it on the ceiling… It was strange. They agreed that Peter would sleep on the bed and his friend on the floor (being as Peter was paying). They turned on the TV and the only signal they received was from Brazilian porn channels. So instead of staying in, they went out.
Queuing up outside Peter’s ‘hotel’, were a load of transvestites, in order of femininity. It was only then Peter realised that for two weeks they were renting a room in a transvestite’s brothel…
Anyway, my point in all this is that doing temporary work opens up countless opportunities, because you have no real commitments. You also meet other interesting people who use temporary work to fund their extravagant lifestyles. Temporary work doesn’t have to be boring shelf stacking, and sometimes it can be more fulfilling than getting stuck in the grind of full time work.

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  1. Temporary work doesn’t have to be boring shelf stacking, and sometimes it can be more fulfilling than getting stuck in the grind of full time work.

    How often does that happen though? And who can afford to travel back and forth from the U.K. to Brazil?

    • He works a lot. In the summer he has no life. He stays with his family and doesn’t have posh phones and expensive belongings. It takes a lot of saving. But that’s what he wants to do and so its worth it. Obviously that’s just one example, and if you have a family and other commitments then your situation may not allow it. But if you’re young and free, then why not? If you can’t get a full time job why not just go for it? You’d be surprised how many people are actually living like this at the moment. I’m just trying to see some benefit to help get me through tough times.

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