En Media Res

After 16 years of non-stop education, I have a BA(Hons) degree in English and Creative Writing. Now I’m on my own. I’ve been applying for jobs, internships and work experience, and I’ve been receiving rejection emails for jobs and internships (no replies about the work experience). I feel like I’m in the middle of a desert, no clear way back or forward, with a failing hope that I will find some way out. Giving out CVs is like throwing paper planes into the sky and hoping they will reach someone.

While I’m aimlessly wandering through the desert though, interesting things do happen. Like the other day I met the chauffeur for the CEO of Deutsche Bank. All I can hope for is that one of these strange and interesting people I meet is head of a publishing house (Penguin preferably, although I’m open to offers) and after talking to me realise I’m the person they need and hire me straight away. Although that would probably be the end of this blog. So in a way, this blog is one I don’t want to write, and can’t wait to get rid of, because then it means I will have a job.

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